Founded in 1999, the company initially specialized in composites, manufacturing molds and a wide range of plastic parts for major groups.

From mock-up design to final product realization, we have always been committed to quality design, while respecting our customers’ budgets and specifications for the various projects entrusted to us.

Today, a new page is being written with the creation of our R&D offices, which work in close collaboration with our design office on very specific issues, in order to provide a physical, technical and industrial response to the various projects.

An exciting adventure!

We attach particular importance to the elements that surround us and that can impact or modify our physical reactions.

years of existence

A patented device

All our products are patented and come from our R&D laboratory. All design and manufacturing is carried out in France.

Guaranteed protection

All our products are tested by leading testing organizations.

High-quality workmanship

All our products are made in France in our factory with the best materials and ISO9001 quality certification.

Our customers' well-being

The best satisfaction is the feedback we get from our customers, their testimonials. We’re proud to work every day to improve their well-being.

"Well-being is the most important thing in our lives!"

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